Ford MF (fordmadoxfraud) wrote,
Ford MF

Ella Fitzgerald-Air Mail Special

I just noticed there's a "Share to Livejournal" button in Youtube? (This is probably the greatest scat singing ever recorded imo. Been on my mind lately.)

Went to go see Morrissey with Libs last night - this was Libby's big Hanukkah present from me. I usually think I don't know much about that guy, but I knew a surprising amount of the old Smiths songs. I guess I knew the songs, but didn't know they belonged to a band called "The Smiths".

Spent the holidays in California - first time away from New York for the season. It was amazing. Palm Springs is beautiful. We stayed at an airbnb with mordicai, pravda, Nino, Kira, and Olivia (hashtag: midcentury modern christmas). Palm trees, mountains, fire pit.

I really, really miss everyone. The work that I do is kind of the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me from professional, learning, and growth perspectives. But I feel way disconnected from the people I love. It's been *amazing* to have them travel to California and spend time with us here, and if we're not going to be co-urban, traveling together is a decent fallback. I miss all the people whom I've not had the opportunity to check in with, just because my opportunities are so much fewer now. Being part of the tribe around 5-year-old Olivia was also really heart-melting.

It went by too fast. (I also managed to sneak a bit of work in to help out my team who was working through the week - users don't stop having questions just because it's a holiday week, turns out.)

I'm also working this week. It's a combination of super pleasant (no distractions!) but also super disorienting (no one else is really working!) I have some work today to get down to brass tacks and really get shit done. Libby is WFH today, and I'm going to run out and get some stuff from the bakery for us before she gets out of bed.

January: a lot of travel ahead. Spending some time in NY with my mother for a bit. Traveling to Dublin for half the month for work.

Things I want:
* Know more about California past and present. More fully take California into my identity.
* Complete a big extracurricular project.

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