Ford MF (fordmadoxfraud) wrote,
Ford MF

Lazing around the house. Watched some Jessica Jones (fine, but I don't find it *that* much more compelling than Daredevil, which I disliked). Reading a bit - re-reading Book of the New Sun, and I've also started Margaret Atwood's new short story collect (it's pretty good!) and The Design of Everyday Things (amazing!) I should probably get some food.

Other than that I'm cleaning out my old personal todos - like, do I actually want to sit down and make a Twine game finally? Or can I cross that off already. A lot of clearing out todos for me is really about "will I do this thing now or put it on some other graveyard list of things I will never do".

Reading other people's lj's. Trying to think of things to say about entries, but more because I want people to know I feel close to them and involved in their lives more than I have things to say. At work -- there's a lot of idiomatic language culture at work -- there's this thing where you'll write "ack"[0] to a chat or an email. Means "I don't have any response, but wanted you to know that I saw this."

[0] For "acknowledge"

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