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Ford MF

For a few dollars more

Libby and I moved. We live in Oakland now, and are no longer San Franciscans. I'm pretty happy about this development, in the same way I was happy to never live in Manhattan.

Rents are crazy.[0][1] But this place is really not that bad at all. After subletting from Edbury, and considering taking the lease over ourselves, the rent would have gone up 33%, so we needed to go. Everything in SF in our price range was *terrible*. Like, every apartment seemed to have shag carpeting throughout the house, including around the toilet. One landlord asked us how strong our relationship was, because he didn't want to rent to a couple who might break up. Another, when Libby told him she was from LA, complained bitterly about how the women in SF are all post-menopausal feminists. I'd started to resign myself to the fact that I'd need to learn to steam clean pee carpets.

But then we found this place. We were certain we wouldn't get it. It seemed too nice for us, and suspiciously cheap, given the market. (I think our standards were pretty low at that point.) We did though! We did! I'm still kind of flabbergasted that that worked out. It still feels like we're on vacation in a beautiful apartment from Airbnb. But we're not. We live here.

I feel the two of us are very happy, in a persistent and pleasing way. I bought Libby an engagement ring this week. I really enjoy seeing her wear it.

I spend most of my time and mind at work. It's still, almost two years in, awesome. In terms of learning and growth experiences, I've never experienced anything remotely similar. I love what I do, where I work, and the people I work with. It's like textbook rush every single day. While I'm in the abstract prepared for that, it is definitely a challenge to maintain that energy level -- more or less indefinitely, actually, rather than in a 4 week sprint twice a year. I'm considering taking up meditation.

Two years in it's turned out to be a different beast in ways I hadn't expected. Unlike Shakespeare, it's in no way the focus of my social life. The people I work with are great, but I don't spend time with anyone outside work. Neither does Libby for the most part. We're turning into[2] that weird couple who only really hang out with each other. On the weekends we goof off around Oakland. Read.[3] Go to the Temescal Farmer's Market. I go running.[4] I did something I haven't done in years - I bought a game console and started video gaming again. I'm playing the Legend of Korra game now. It's stupidly hard.

As always I feel a weird mixture of being incomprehensibly lucky to have wound up where I am - work, love, apartment - and sad at the things I feel like I'm missing out on - friendship, game, hobbies, reading.[5] Children.[6] I miss lots of people. But it's overall pretty great. I feel quite peaceful. And happy.


[1] I use zero-index footnotes these days.

[2] s/turning into/already are

[3] I don't get much of this done during the week.


[5] I flake on book club all the time.

[6] Still working on that.

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