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The story so far, part 2: We're back

(This is a follow-up to a previous post.)

James Mccaffery: you're in the game now
edbury enegren: actually
edbury enegren: hold on i will send you screenshots
edbury enegren: because i am getting more "let's meet right now" texts
James Mccaffery: bang
James Mccaffery: you mean bang
edbury enegren: no i mean like
edbury enegren: a stranger
edbury enegren: trying to organize a meeting
James Mccaffery: what
edbury enegren: in thirty minutes
James Mccaffery: oh god
James Mccaffery: oh god
edbury enegren: it's a different number this time
James Mccaffery: this is it
James Mccaffery: we're back

edbury enegren: am i being paranoid if i bring a straight razor or something?
James Mccaffery: same time roughly, too, right?
James Mccaffery: yes
James Mccaffery: I mean, NO, but a straight razor is just going to get you in trouble
James Mccaffery: do you have a u-lock? Bring that.
edbury enegren: well i can't like
edbury enegren: roll around with a u-lock
James Mccaffery: yeah you can
edbury enegren: that's like. "that guy has a u-lock"
James Mccaffery: put that shit in your back pocket
James Mccaffery: it's totally normal
edbury enegren: i only have a giant one
James Mccaffery: or even in your bag holster
edbury enegren: yeah that's true i guess
edbury enegren: man should i just put your suit on
James Mccaffery: haha
James Mccaffery: you should activate whatever GPS tracking is on your phone that you've surely turned off
James Mccaffery: just in case
edbury enegren: oh shit i am supposed to pick the meeting place
edbury enegren: oh man, do you have uh
edbury enegren: "find my friends?"
James Mccaffery: yeah
edbury enegren: let's sync up
James Mccaffery: dling it now
James Mccaffery: you should choose, obv, a very public place
James Mccaffery: thanksgiving night is... kind of a scary time to do this
edbury enegren: vesuvio
edbury enegren: was my choice
James Mccaffery: that's good
edbury enegren: i can get their early and sit in the window
edbury enegren: you aren't on icloud, it seems
James Mccaffery: I'm still downloading it
edbury enegren: ah okay
edbury enegren: just add me when it's in and i'll confirm it
James Mccaffery: man remember when
James Mccaffery: when you couldn't just be like
James Mccaffery: "Man I need to download the software to make my mega versatile device fulfill this function"
James Mccaffery: "BOOP"
James Mccaffery: "it's coming to me from the sky"
edbury enegren: right?
edbury enegren: especially when the function is
edbury enegren: "track the movement of a human 3k miles away"
edbury enegren: to like. tens of feet.
James Mccaffery: what's your mac address
James Mccaffery:
edbury enegren:
edbury enegren: is my icloud one
James Mccaffery: sent
edbury enegren: accepted
James Mccaffery: oh god
edbury enegren: can you see me in my house?
James Mccaffery: I can see exactly where you are
James Mccaffery: YES
James Mccaffery: YES I CAN
edbury enegren: hahaha
edbury enegren: man this is awesome
James Mccaffery: you are like
edbury enegren: this is the best thing
James Mccaffery: you are just far enough off Stockton
James Mccaffery: that it's like "oh yeah, because you walk that far away from the street to get to the apartment"
James Mccaffery: Jeez. OK. Vesuvio is good. People'll be there, it's a safe place, it's close to home
James Mccaffery: send some screenshots
edbury enegren: going to pick up some petty cash on the way
edbury enegren: i'm waiting for them to respond re: vesuvio
edbury enegren: i think i'll just walk over there
edbury enegren: if i don't let you know i'm in transit elsewhere and i end up like, in the ocean
edbury enegren: you'll know something is up
James Mccaffery: yeah
James Mccaffery: this is crazy
James Mccaffery: Will you be contactable by gchat?
edbury enegren: yeah i have hangouts on my phone
James Mccaffery: cool
James Mccaffery: man if you had an earpiece
James Mccaffery: that would be tight
edbury enegren: right
James Mccaffery: "I need you to look up this name"
edbury enegren: you're basically bayne right now
James Mccaffery: haha
edbury enegren: alright here i go
James Mccaffery: if you get into trouble just send mash of text
edbury enegren: yeah i was just thinking that
James Mccaffery: I have the SFPD's number ready and, obv, your exact physical location
James Mccaffery: I am pretty sure you are just about to have a real weird time though
James Mccaffery: and not a real dangerous time
edbury enegren: yeah
edbury enegren: yeah
edbury enegren: going down the rabbit hole this time
edbury enegren: Copy my movement?
James Mccaffery: Copy
James Mccaffery: oh my god I hate this app
James Mccaffery: Are you holding on Stockton and Pacific?
James Mccaffery: nm, got an update. Guess you were hitting the ATM? I see you at Bway and Columbus.
edbury enegren: Yeah I was. That is so creepy/awesome.
edbury enegren: 972 676 9557
edbury enegren: And
edbury enegren: 415 200 9044
James Mccaffery: No obvious google hits on either number
James Mccaffery: 972 is a Texas area code, 415 is an SF one though.
edbury enegren: 415 is the originating number; 972 is the proxy, probably google voice again.
edbury enegren: I was half-hoping I would arrive to an empty unlocked bar with a spotlit stool.
edbury enegren: Also I have notified mouse so if you get tired, she is also tracking me
James Mccaffery: dude
James Mccaffery: I am wide awake
James Mccaffery: it's crazy how accurate your location is
edbury enegren: I'm like. 15 feet from the street maybe?
James Mccaffery: Going quiet so as not to distract you, will keep tracking.
James Mccaffery: yeah
edbury enegren: A middle aged Asian woman just sat down and asked "Do you see?" And I said "I try." And she said "good. Wait." And then left
edbury enegren: But like
edbury enegren: That could just be weird drunk San Francisco in an intimate bar
James Mccaffery: Whoa whoa where are you going
edbury enegren: What does it show me on the move?
edbury enegren: I'm stationary.
James Mccaffery: your location moved to the other side of the street
James Mccaffery: might just be the limit of the app's accuracy
edbury enegren: Yeah. I'm still here. Our landlords name was mark.
James Mccaffery: OK
James Mccaffery: I was just thinking baout something like that
James Mccaffery: what's the meeting time?
edbury enegren: Now
edbury enegren: 1145
James Mccaffery: OK. keep me as posted as you can
James Mccaffery: maybe have a call ongoing
edbury enegren: Do you think I'm okay with two drinks?
James Mccaffery: what you mean like, one for the other party?
edbury enegren: I mean like two pints of alcohol in me.
James Mccaffery: yeah whatever
edbury enegren: I had one so I wasn't just weirdly sitting here.
edbury enegren: Uhhhh so

edbury enegren: Those two Russians
James Mccaffery: that seems...
James Mccaffery: those guys up front nearer the window maybe seem like not-nice guys.
James Mccaffery: but also could just be regular dudes
edbury enegren: Just gave a guy sitting with this group of like, normal 20 somethings a handful of cash and an envelope
edbury enegren: But the table of 20 something's is just like. Hanging out being normal.
edbury enegren: Probably unrelated, just transmitting.
James Mccaffery: maybe he's just like
James Mccaffery: paying the tab
James Mccaffery: while he's out doing whatever the fuck he's doing
edbury enegren: Yeah
edbury enegren: He's an old Russian dude. They're weird.

edbury enegren: This cop has come into the bar twice.
James Mccaffery: hm. that doesn't seem too unusual for whatever reason
James Mccaffery: was he like, looking around
edbury enegren: Yeah
edbury enegren: He came in and did a quick walk of the bottom both times
James Mccaffery: Like I'm sure if you started paying attention weird shit happens all the time
edbury enegren: Yeah
James Mccaffery: it's late at night on a holiday, it might just be the bar beat, too
edbury enegren: That's why acid is so weird. You realize EVERYTHING is fucking weird.
edbury enegren: And you aren't sure what's normal weird or weird weird.
James Mccaffery: hahs
edbury enegren: I'm just sending over anything odd until I make contact
edbury enegren: Since last time I just had blurry photos and a weird modem
edbury enegren: Do I tell them I have people tracking me?
edbury enegren: Is that like
James Mccaffery: that's weird
edbury enegren: I guess I can just hold onto that.
edbury enegren: And see what this actually is
James Mccaffery: they're late tho
edbury enegren: Yeah. I'm going to finish this pint and bail if no one materializes
edbury enegren: Just texted them asking if something was amiss
James Mccaffery: anyone phone-check nearby
edbury enegren: There's a guy downstairs but he's kind of like
edbury enegren: Dad-looking
edbury enegren: Contact. Phone in pocket. Will update.
edbury enegren: Ill mash if worried
James Mccaffery: recvd

James Mccaffery: ... are you alone now?
edbury enegren: I am handing this guy my phone.
edbury enegren: We are walking.
James Mccaffery: OK
James Mccaffery: Do you currently have the phone
edbury enegren: Vans middle name is spencer.
James Mccaffery: OK
James Mccaffery: I see your location
James Mccaffery: Have you gone indoors y/n
edbury enegren: He did with my phone for a second.
edbury enegren: I'm outside waiting now.

James Mccaffery: Well that looks fucked. No time for you to explain now, but remember to mash
James Mccaffery: & consider just bouncing
edbury enegren: He just came down and told me to "take a walk"
James Mccaffery: you're at like stockton & jackson?
edbury enegren: Clay
edbury enegren: Going to go up on the bridge, wait, then go home when I know I'm not bein followed or anything.
James Mccaffery: close to home then
James Mccaffery: yeah
edbury enegren: Almost nothing happened but he asked if I was being tracked and I said yes
edbury enegren: Then he said good
edbury enegren: I thought maybe he had disconnected me but I guess not
James Mccaffery: yeah, so he had your phone twice?
edbury enegren: Just once for like two minutes
James Mccaffery: OK
James Mccaffery: welp, hope I correctly concealed my location / name from your icloud
James Mccaffery: this sounds somehow even crazier than last time
edbury enegren: He asked me if I knew what was in the bag and I said no and he said "okay" and then just said "we need to go soon"
edbury enegren: Then we walked like. Seemingly aimlessly until we got to that weird spot
James Mccaffery: yeah, that spot looked mega fucked
edbury enegren: I just didn't say anything unless talked to and he only asked a few things
James Mccaffery: same guy from last time?
edbury enegren: Diff guy
edbury enegren: I wanted to ask like "what happened with the last job" or something but I don't know anything and didn't want to try to lie
James Mccaffery: right, shit's probably something weird and funny
James Mccaffery: but also shit could just easily not be a game
edbury enegren: My phone looks clean
edbury enegren: Do you think I should reset it or anything? You can't really do much to an iPhone without a computer too
James Mccaffery: yeah, I declined your request to track my location just on principle
edbury enegren: Legit
James Mccaffery: and not in 2 minutes
edbury enegren: Yeah
edbury enegren: He was probably just makin sure nothin weird was going on
James Mccaffery: yeah
James Mccaffery: I guess maybe it was like
edbury enegren: If he read our messages he knows I'm not on
James Mccaffery: "Welp, we have the wrong number"
edbury enegren: Yeah
edbury enegren: He was back upstairs for awhile before he told me to bail though
edbury enegren: I mean like. A few minutes I guess but that seems like forever for "who the fuck is this clown?"
James Mccaffery: I dunno, if you're like
James Mccaffery: I don't know, selling a giant ziploc bag of molly
James Mccaffery: and then it turns out there's some stranger there
edbury enegren: Contact maybe
James Mccaffery: you might be like "Wait, what the fuck is evening happening?"
edbury enegren: Pocket phone
James Mccaffery: OK
edbury enegren: False alarm
James Mccaffery: OK
James Mccaffery: well, this has been insane.
edbury enegren: Right for like
edbury enegren: Nothing happening
edbury enegren: Wtf
edbury enegren: Oh fuck oh fuck
James Mccaffery: mash?

edbury enegren: No I'm safe
edbury enegren: It's the same people
James Mccaffery: calling p if you don't hit back in 3m
James Mccaffery: oh OK
edbury enegren: They called me from the modem
edbury enegren: i'm inside
edbury enegren: send you a ss
James Mccaffery: wait inside the modem
James Mccaffery: please be in the grid
James Mccaffery: please be in the grid
edbury enegren: hahahaha
edbury enegren: it's the same number
James Mccaffery: yeah I see
edbury enegren: from when the guy called me on the cell
James Mccaffery: well, I'm starting to hope this is the end of whatever the fuck
edbury enegren: i picked up
edbury enegren: and
edbury enegren: fuck hold on
edbury enegren: "you did okay. don't worry about tonight."
edbury enegren: and then i was quiet for like 5 seconds maybe
edbury enegren: and then they hung up
edbury enegren: i was seeing if mouse could get anything out of the number
edbury enegren: still a modem
James Mccaffery: man what the hell even
James Mccaffery: I don't even know what to think
James Mccaffery: it's gotta be some kind of insane ARG
James Mccaffery: that creep spot is too
James Mccaffery: too perfectly creepy
edbury enegren: it's like fucking video game creepy
James Mccaffery: yeah
edbury enegren: like you cross over and an auto-save happens
James Mccaffery: and I feel like drug dealers don't do drug deals like this
they just say "come to my apartment and I'll sell you a ton of drugs"
edbury enegren: yeah
edbury enegren: we strolled for like, i dunno
edbury enegren: 8 blocks?
edbury enegren: just kind of walking
James Mccaffery: did you make a weird detour, too?
edbury enegren: we turned like every other block, stopped at that place, then walked a few more blocks then turned around
James Mccaffery: it's hard to tell if you went out of your way for a sec or if it's just inaccurate data from the tracker
edbury enegren: i was trying to remember every street
like we went indirectly to that spot, stopped, walked on, turned around, came back, then i got sent away after he went inside again
James Mccaffery: yeah
James Mccaffery: we should find the spot on google maps
edbury enegren: it was like
edbury enegren: an alley
James Mccaffery: yeah
edbury enegren: but with a weird door thing?
edbury enegren: like. alley's don't have entrances
edbury enegren: but it was definitely an alley
edbury enegren: i feel like maybe he went in and was like "this is some weird guy"
edbury enegren: and they didn't want me just like
edbury enegren: standing around outside
edbury enegren: or coming inside
edbury enegren: so they had him walk me around a bit?
edbury enegren: but then why the fuck call me
edbury enegren: just be like "oops" or some shit
James Mccaffery: I dunno, seems like a reasonable way to proceed
James Mccaffery: "don't be terrified or nothing"
edbury enegren: i guess when david talked to that guy he was also like
edbury enegren: weirdly trying to cover his tracks way too hard
James Mccaffery: yeah
James Mccaffery: I wonder if it's the same guy
James Mccaffery: as the phone guy
edbury enegren: the guy who walked me around def wasn't
edbury enegren: but he also isn't the person who called me
James Mccaffery: oh, I mean the voice david talked to
edbury enegren: yeah that guy was indian
edbury enegren: david said he had a gnarly accent
edbury enegren: i wish i had heard the guy on the street who called me
edbury enegren: but i just said drop the case before he said anything
edbury enegren: then i'd at least know if it was that guy who called me tonight
James Mccaffery: jeez
James Mccaffery: yeah
James Mccaffery: well
James Mccaffery: be careful, obviously
edbury enegren: yeah
edbury enegren: i am also like
edbury enegren: given how the last one went down
edbury enegren: now that i know it's the same number at least
edbury enegren: why the fuck meet with me again
edbury enegren: the last time it was a disaster
James Mccaffery: yeah
James Mccaffery: what a mystery
edbury enegren: i would guess the modem is like, a non-google proxy
James Mccaffery: I feel like it's gotta be some upper-class friendly drugs or something and a wrong number
James Mccaffery: I can't think of anything else that would warrant this kind of weird cloak and dagger
James Mccaffery: unless you're being inducted into some insane technocult
edbury enegren: yeah like. normal drug dealers just sell drugs
edbury enegren: like it's selling hats
James Mccaffery: I mean it could be a TON of drugs or something
edbury enegren: yeah but the case and the satchel were both normal sized
James Mccaffery: yeah, I dunno
James Mccaffery: I just can't think of anything else outside of the universe of a game or a prank
edbury enegren: part of me is like
edbury enegren: eyes wide shut
James Mccaffery: it could be a weird sex thing
edbury enegren: weird sex thing
edbury enegren: yeah
James Mccaffery: anyways I am probably going to go to bed now that you're safe
James Mccaffery: I can't think about this clearly right now
edbury enegren: that dude went inside and was like "he's definitely not in on it, but he's prolly dtf"
James Mccaffery: hahahaha
James Mccaffery: "he was NOT invited to the orgy."
edbury enegren: yeah get some rest
James Mccaffery: "do you think he wants to come anyhow?"
edbury enegren: thanks for keeping an eye on me dude
edbury enegren: there's no way i would have left that bar if i had been alone alone
James Mccaffery: yeah
James Mccaffery: mouse too
James Mccaffery: shoot me a text in the morning just to ease my mind
James Mccaffery: I'm probably going to spend my whole day off tomorrow thinking about this
edbury enegren: mouse is probably the fucking mastermind
edbury enegren: if only
James Mccaffery: oh man
James Mccaffery: if you're being ARG'ed by mouse
edbury enegren: oh god mouse is oldboying me
James Mccaffery: hahahaha
edbury enegren: alright peace dude
James Mccaffery: peace
James Mccaffery: be careful
edbury enegren: catch you tomorrow

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