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San Francisco Session 3

We find our adventurers separated beneath the Dragonteeth Mountains. Elyx the necromancer (Kellie), Matthonwy the bard (Ryan), and Dwyn the druid (Edbury), are trapped on a huge stone pillar across a chasm from the cave floor they'd left. Pudgit (Chris) had been brought into the inner sanctum of the Dragonteeth kobolds, and met their queen, who was wearing the miserable dress Pudgit had sewn.

While among the kobolds, Pudgit encounters a wayward dwarf fighter named Corrin (Jon Downing, guest starring while he's in town). Corrin has been a "guest" of the kobolds for some time, while they've stolen his clothes and modeled garments after his own. He's half naked (though well armored), and missing half his beard, pieces of which some kobolds can be seen wearing like strange face merkins. Corrin is also covered in what look like small animal scratches. Corrin appears to be free to go, and is eager to leave; Pudgit gathers kobold cosplay Thisvyn to him, and finds himself stripped of his clothing, which is given to the kobold. There is a public ritual of some sort, and the kobolds unearth and then reshape some sort of mud and stone totem wearing shaped mud clothing, and then bury it again. There seem to be many such buried totems. Corrin and Pudgit and cosplay Pudgit and cosplay Elyx wend their way back through the tunnels to their companions, who are still trying to figure out how to get back across the chasm.

Matthonwy - after girding himself with the golden bracers and sword he's found - is carrying a grappling hook and rope and throws it across the gap. With an extremely infelicitous die roll, the hook lodges into an unsuspecting cosplay Elyx as she emerges from the kobold tunnel. Corrin tries to extricate her and, with an extremely infelicitous roll, impales himself as well. Lunatic Matthoney decides this is stable enough and sends Dwyn across. Dwyn does not die. While this operation is underway, the group is beset by osquip - huge rodentine cave predators. Battle ensues. While managing to drive the creatures off, cosplay Elyx is killed when actual Elyx - who has a penchant for hurling darts into large groups of people - pierces her through the heart. Elyx builds a rope zipline for herself and crosses the chasm. With Corrin's somewhat diffident assistance, Matthonwy fixes the rope securely and tightrope walks across it, despite having little training in the art. Dwyn the druid examines a patch of fungus - perhaps too closely, and unwisely involving certain parts of his anatomy. Dwyn finds himself with mushrooms growing out of the tip of his tongue. He collects the phycomid spores.

Pudgit shows off a scroll he'd acquired to Elyx. She discovers it's an extremely powerful necromantic spell that could theoretically lift her curse - though it could have awful consequences if it fails. After consideration, she decides to back burner it until she's truly desperate.

Our troupe move on through the cave complex with the assistance of Corrin who helps them avoid dead end detours, and the cave lake full of monstrous man-eating eels, and separate warren tunnels occupied by Zuggtmoy-worshiping orcs. The party tries to step up the pace, as Elyx is still cursed to die and running out of time. Cosplay Pudgit cannot keep up and slinks off into the tunnels again.

The party emerges on the far side of the mountain range. Pudgit - who seems to be a magnet for these types - spies a young wide-eyed woman in the forest motioning for him to help. He embarks off into the forest after her, leaving the party. Meanwhile the party hears the sounds of saws and axes and talk and laughter, and undertakes an extremely long discourse about what kind of voices are being heard, exactly - with the consensus being that they are telling "jokes". The druid likewise becomes aware of a terrible violence being done to a nature spirit nearby. He cowboys it into the clearing and finds a quartet of orcs chopping down a dryad's tree - sort of like a Game of Thrones godswood, but with a massive twisted female face.

Pudgit, who's been led to an overlook above the trees by the dryad of the grove, sets one of the "special" stones he's found into his sling and hucks it at the orcs. Amazingly, the stone hits just right and pierces the orc through the neck. Gurgling and spurting blood, he dies choking against the tree trunk. On the opposite side of the grove, the party moves in behind Dwyn to murder the orcs. Matthonwy attempts to draw his weapon, and fumblingly flings it across the grove. Dwyn hits one with a full faceload of the phycomid milk and spores he's collected, and that orc dies most horribly in an explosion of mushrooms the splatter across and throughout the ground. Riding to the rescue is -- cosplay Pudgit! Riding a saddled and bridled Osquip! And wielding a short, useless length of rope. Matthonwy attempts to draw a second weapon and fumblingly flings it across the grove as well. I wonder why!

The party slays a third orc, and the fourth attempts to flee, but is charmed by the dryad for what everyone assumes will be horrible purposes. The dryad rewards them with a blue liquor she claims will help them to fly. After some wheedling, they also convince her to lift the life curse on Elyx, whose mortal end is no longer imminent, though her familiar is still blind, and kind of a poop. She describes some of the dangers in the wood between the dryad's grove and the forest oracle's stronghold, and offers her space as a safe haven. The characters join her in her tree.
Tags: dnd, the dead leading the blind

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