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Art Girls Are Easy #11booksclub

This was the book club book for today's session, which must surely be just now winding down. First book club meet I'm missing. Sad face. I feel like I can imagine the conversation on this one pretty easily though. A clear consensus of opinion usually yields short, concise discussion, followed by drinking, goofing, and gossiping. Most everyone seemed to hate it, or at least regard it with a deep and sincere lack of enthusiasm, putting it down in one-star territory. I feel like mordicai's review encapsulates our other members' reviews on Goodreads pretty well, as well as my own feelings about it, though I am interested to hear both how Jennifer came to pick this one and also what motivated her three-star rating.

It's a pretty thin broth of unlikable character and unsurprising occurrences. Indigo is a jerk but, more egregiously, you get the feeling that so is the author. littlewashu's point about how comfortable the author is treating with casual cruelty the girl with the eating disorder ... yeah, it speaks to the book's central problem that it appears at first to be a satire of wealth and unearned privilege when it's actually kind of weirdly, uncritically, unapologetically celebrating those things? A lot of the stylistic choices read like weak Bret Easton Ellis-isms; there is so much marketing and brand specificity in the prose that you feel like she must be lampooning consumerism from some kind of angle, even if you couldn't yet suss out which. Early on I was willing to give it a pass to see where it was going, but it was an affectation that bore no interesting fruit.

I wonder what the reactions are among the ostensible target audience for this book - people who are of the sex opposite from mine, and twenty or more years younger. I didn't hate this book, but I definitely didn't like it - but also in a way that - like most manga - makes me wonder if I'm just missing an important apparatus to really get it.
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