Ford MF (fordmadoxfraud) wrote,
Ford MF

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana

Today's Sunday. I've been living in San Francisco for 1 week + about 9 hours.

Due to some issues beyond my control, I still don't have any of my belongings or - somewhat relatedly - most of my money, which is gonna be fine, but is still putting a bit of a cramp in my emotional style, if you know what I'm saying. Still sleeping on an Ikea mattress on the floor of an empty room, still picking every last tiniest bit of meat from the bones and then boiling them for soup. (I really like soup tho, so it's cool.)

Was in a bit of a funk yesterday, partly because of the above reasons, partly out of homesickness, partly because my time here feels so high stakes in a way that it didn't in NYC. Which is kind of the point about moving here, but it's also really stressful to feel like every minute in which you don't accomplish something great is wasted. I mean, that's not a bad attitude to have about our ever shrinking and finite lives, it can just be a little nerve wracking. Like, this is time I took away from being with the ones I love, why am I not doing something more interesting with it than watching the wedding episode of Game of Thrones.

One thing about my apartment I'm really keen to solve is the fruit flies. Firstly, we don't have screens on the windows, and looking at the neighbors' windows this ... seems normal? I don't know how that is a thing. And there are kind of fruit flies coming in and chilling in the apartment all the time. It's not us; this was from day 1 before we'd even bought any food. I think it's because our kitchen and bathroom windows are directly above the building's compost bin. It's driving me a little nuts. Someone suggested putting out a saucer of vinegar, and the flies will drown in it and die, so I'm gonna go buy vinegar, but in case that doesn't work I have to research some alternatives.

Tonight I'm gonna hit the gym and then go out with some workmates of my roommate, Edbury, for the local equivalent of movie nite. We're gonna drink and eat and watch some documentaries, I think. It sounds like it's going to be pretty dope. Hooray for socializing.

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